Students raise money for P.E.

The Pennies for P.E. contest brought in a total of $752.03 which will be used for new mats, balls, and a few specialty items for P.E. The Penny War breakdown is as followed:

Office: Total-$2.78—Pennies-$0.33, Other -$2.45

Kindergarten: Total-$178.59—Pennies-$116.74, Other-$61.85

$116.74-$61.85=$54.89/15 students=$3.66 pennies per student

1st Grade: Total-$72.30—Pennies $27.50, Other-$44.80

$27.50-$44.80=-$17.30/12 students= -$1.44 pennies per student

2nd Grade: Total-$44.49—Pennies-$15.14, Other $29.35

$15.14-$29.35= -$14.21/14 students= -1.01 pennies per student

3rd Grade: Total-$81.39—Pennies-$2.44, Other-$78.95

$2.44-$78.95= -$76.51/16 students= -$4.78 pennies per student

4th Grade: Total-$123.97—Pennies-$42.92, Other-$81.05

$42.92-$81.05= -$38.13/14 students= -$2.72 pennies per student

5th/6th Grade: Total-$171.28—Pennies-$92.08, Other-$79.20

$92.08-$79.20=$12.88/21 students= $0.61 pennies per student

7th/8th Grade: Total-$77.23—Pennies-$33.28, Other-$43.95

$33.28-$43.95= -$10.67/24 students= -$0.44 pennies per student

So not only did Kindergarten bring in the most money, they also had the most  pennies per student once the non-penny money was subtracted from their penny total and then was divided by the number of students in the class. However, every student is a winner because they will all be able to use the new P.E. equipment as soon as it arrives. Thanks to all that participated in this fundraiser.


About visitationschool

Visitation is a Catholic Parish School that prepares students to be responsible citizens and life-long learners committed to proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.
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