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Dear Parents,

We have many exciting events happening at Visitation Catholic School this week! The auction is in its final stages of preparation, and everything is organized and going well. We thank Liz Duyck for chairing the auction and all the individual committee leaders for organizing their area. We also thank everyone for your        donations which help our auction to be successful. The class projects look great and are very creative with each child’s unique designs showing. If you get a chance, be sure to look at the class projects before they sell the night of the auction. We look forward to a fun Saturday night.

Two candidates, Karla Heesacker and Valerie Cleary, have submitted their names for the two School Advisory Committee (SAC) positions that are open. These positions are three year terms. As only two candidates have submitted their names, a vote will not be needed this year. Father Scott has accepted their nominations, and we are very excited to have Karla and Valerie join the SAC committee in June. As they end their term, I thank Dave Bartoo and Joe Wessels for their service to the Visitation SAC Committee and for the many ideas they have shared.

Tomorrow evening, May 12th, the kindergarten through fourth grade will be sharing their spring musical performance. All are invited to attend the program which will begin at 6:30 P.M. The students are asked to arrive in the gym at 6:15 P.M. to find their places and get settled before the program. We hope you can join us!

At the last principal’s meeting, I was given the following meditation. I think it fits Visitation Catholic School and Parish very well and hope you enjoy it.

In Christ,

Carol Funk, Principal


The great redwoods of California are one of the beautiful wonders of North America. These giant evergreens can grow to a towering 300 feet tall and live for hundreds of years. For all their magnificence, one would think the redwoods would require a deep root system to keep them upright. Instead, they have roots that spread out along the surface of the forest floor to capture all the moisture possible, intertwining with the roots of other redwoods in the grove. The interlocking roots securely support and sustain these giant sequoias when storms strike and fierce winds blow. The trees’ survival depends on the  combined support of one another.








About visitationschool

Visitation is a Catholic Parish School that prepares students to be responsible citizens and life-long learners committed to proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.
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