Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents,

The scripture reading from this week’s Monday morning prayer service was calling us to change. With the students we discussed ways that we could change the world and change our hearts. The students gave many very good responses  such as picking up trash, using kind words, being friendly, and praying. This week we encourage all students to work towards making a change in our hearts, in our school, and in our world.

The third through eighth grade students of Visitation are currently in the middle of standardized testing for this week and will continue testing next week. During this time, homework will usually be lighter. Parents can help students to do their best on these tests by making sure students receive adequate sleep, nutrition, and hydration. The results of the standardized tests are important for helping teachers and parents to monitor student growth. Teachers also use this information to support instructional decisions for the remainder of the year.

In last week’s newsletter, forms were sent home for parents to sign up for parent-teacher conferences. Thank you to the many parents that have already returned this form. Today the teachers will be scheduling conferences at the staff meeting. Times for student conferences will be sent home in next week’s  Wednesday envelope. Conferences are very important for student success. They are a time for parents and teachers to meet and discuss a child’s achievements and goals for the year.

As a reminder, picture day is Wednesday, October 19th. Students may wear dress code clothing or dress up in Formal Day clothing. Please see the newsletter for more details.

At Visitation Catholic School we have been blessed by our many volunteers. We appreciate the parents, grandparents, and parishioners who have viewed the Called to Protect Video, Standards of Conduct  or the Refresher Course and have taken the simple background check needed to volunteer with students at        Visitation. This is a child safety program required by the Archdiocese for all parents and parishioners that would like to volunteer in the school. We value our volunteers very much. Without volunteers in the school, many of our classroom activities, fieldtrips, and extracurricular programs would not be possible. If you are available to be a volunteer at Visitation, please contact the secretary for the needed form and information on the Called to Protect program.

May God bless you for sharing your time and talent with Visitation Catholic School!

Carol Funk, Principal










About visitationschool

Visitation is a Catholic Parish School that prepares students to be responsible citizens and life-long learners committed to proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.
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