Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents,

How wonderful and beautiful our parish and school campus is looking! Thank you to the many parishioners, parents, and students who helped with the grounds clean up and sausage making on Saturday. Everything was completed   in time for a brand new coat of bark dust to be added to many of the flower beds. We especially want to thank parishioners Art Vanderzanden and Denny Geisbers for their help with maintaining the grounds and raking many of the tree needles blown down on the front lawns.

The students of Visitation are involved in the parish dinner in many ways. This Friday afternoon, the fifth through eighth graders will be helping with potato peeling, setting up chairs and tables, and completing other dinner preparations. On the day of the dinner, the fourth through eighth graders each have a special job to do from wrapping silverware and washing dishes to serving meals and  beverages. “What shift are you working?” has become the common theme around the middle school.

Also this year the Visitation School Choir will be sharing their musical gifts   with the dinner guests. They will be singing on the front steps of the school at 10:00 A.M. weather permitting, or in the gym if needed. If you have a moment, I encourage parents to stop by and hear their talented voices. Preparing for these dinner events brings a sense of excitement to our school.

Thank you for coming to Parent/ Teacher Conferences last week, and also for completing the Catholic Identity survey. The teachers will be using the information gathered from these surveys to reflect on Catholic Identity Standards 1 and 5 and to create a written report reviewing these standards. We should be able to share the results of the assessment in a few weeks.

We pray for good weather and the success of our parish dinner!

Carol Funk, Principal




About visitationschool

Visitation is a Catholic Parish School that prepares students to be responsible citizens and life-long learners committed to proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.
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