Sharing Faith with our Families

February 19 – Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time- Mark 2:1-12

This gospel story illustrates that Jesus heals the body as well as the human soul and spirit. People bring a paralyzed man to the house where Jesus is staying. The house is so crowded that the man must be lowered down through the roof to the room where Jesus is. Jesus looks at the man and says, “Your sins are forgiven.” This surprises people, because they believe that only God can forgive sins. The paralyzed man is healed in body and spirit, and the people praise God for what they have just witnessed.

  •  Why do you think Jesus tells the man that his sins are forgiven?
  • Who is this Jesus who can forgive sins and heal people of their illnesses?
  • None of us are perfect — we all do things that are wrong. Talk about how Jesus’ forgiveness of your sins makes you feel.
  • Have you ever been surprised by a spiritual experience?



About visitationschool

Visitation is a Catholic Parish School that prepares students to be responsible citizens and life-long learners committed to proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.
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